Earlier this week, I asked the Discover Wylie audience for their favorite places to get something sweet in Wylie. Be it donuts, cookies, dessert, or a sweet drink, there were some great suggestions! And because Valentine’s Day is right around the corner…and also because who doesn’t love a cupcake…I’ve put together a list of places in Wylie that will satisfy your sweet tooth!

We’ll start with the downtown area, because there are so many great options in one location!

Say it With Sugar Cake Shop – Famous for their gorgeous cakes, you can also pop in and grab any number of treats from Say it With Sugar! My personal favorite is their sugar cookie…but you can choose from cupcakes, macarons, cake pops…so many choices here.

Panaderia la Esperanza – People drive from all over the metroplex for pan dulce and authentic, hand-baked Mexican goods.

The Blend on Ballard – The Blend on Ballard is a boutique with a bakery inside. The treats change all the time, so you need to follow them on Facebook or stop in regularly to see what’s new! Be sure to grab a Strawberry Champagne cookie if they have any available when you’re in the shop.

OMG Creamery is Wylie’s favorite location for ice cream. Fresh, homemade flavors that change with the seasons…everyone loves it!

Loteria Fruteria – New to Wylie and located downtown, Loteria Fruteria is full of snacks to satisfy any craving, whether you’re looking for something sweet or something savory.

Shoemaker & Hardt – Grab a sweet (and caffeinated) beverage from downtown coffee shop, Shoemaker & Hardt.

You don’t have to go downtown for something delicious, though. There are places all over Wylie with amazing goodies!

Smo’s Mini Donuts – This mini donut food trucks visits neighborhoods all over town. You can check out their website to see when they’ll be near you, or request they visit your neighborhood.

Crumbl Cookies – Crumbl’s cookie menu changes every week. These cookies are no joke.

Munchies – Located on 78, we like Munchies because of their original desserts – and also because they are open late.