How to advertise within Historic Downtown Wylie:

The Wylie Downtown Merchants Association operates an outdoor audio system in Histroic Downtown Wylie. This system provides music with audio advertisements in the 100 to 300 blocks of Ballard Ave. To apply to advertise on this system, please fill out and submit the form below. Paid members receive a discount to advertise.

    Your Business Name (required)

    Your ad will run approximately 15 seconds, once per hour, 7 days per week per month.
    The cost of the ad is $150 per quarter for WDMA members and $225 per quarter for non-members.
    The cost for a non-profit, Public Service Announcement is free, on a first come basis, pending approval by the WDMA, and may be submitted on a monthly basis.

    The WDMA reserves the right to alter the schedule as necessary during the term of this agreement which may change the number of times that you ad will be heard. The ad content may not be changed during the quarter in which it runs.

    10th of the month: This form must be submitted for ad to run next quarter - placement is not guaranteed.
    15th of the month: Ads are turned into the recording company.

    Payment: Once approved, you will receive an invoice from the WDMA via email. Payment can be made by check, money order or cashier’s check only.

    If you have any questions regarding advertising in Downtown Wylie, please contact us here.

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