You’ve probably driven by The Coventry Reserve in St. Paul a hundred times without even knowing it. Located off Parker Road, The Coventry Reserve is tucked away from the road down a long dirt driveway, the only marker an unassuming sign along the fence line. What you might not realize is that this location is a beacon of hope, inclusion, and purpose for special needs adults.

The Coventry Reserve became an official non-profit organization in 2003. The eldest child of co-founder and Executive Director, Darlene Blakey, experienced a life altering illness when he was just 13 months old. Darlene believed that despite irreperable brain damage, he could still engage in a quality and fulfilling life. In 2002, with the help of friends, she opened a day program in her home. A year later, Coventry Reserve was an official non-profit.

What Coventry Does

The Coventry Reserve is a Life Enrichment Center that provides a day program for adults with special needs upon transition from Special Education. The program operates Monday through Thursday, with the option of 2, 3, or 4 days a week.

According to Darlene, “Coventry provides an opportunity for adults with special needs to experience a place to go, with purpose, among a community of friends. Our program focuses primarily on the Brain Building Center where participants focus on gross and fine motor skill exercises designed to strengthen neuroplasticity, and Creative Skills where they work in clay, which reinforces the sequential exercises in the Brain Building Center, through imprinting, building and glazing ceramics. These pieces are as unique as our participants, and are sold in our gift shop, with the proceeds being reinvested in the program to keep tuition costs down.”

Doing Business in Wylie

Darlene has been extremely active in the Wylie community since the early 90s. She’s been involved in the Wylie Women’s League, Chamber of Commerce, and the founding committee of the Wylie Historical Society. She understands the importance of community.

“The Wylie community is incredibly supportive of the mission of Coventry to respect, challenge and support adults with special needs through creative, therapeutic programs in a Christ-centered environment,” she says. “We receive support at all levels, including: financial, volunteer, corporate, media, other nonprofits and local government.”

What’s Next for The Coventry Reserve?

The Coventry Reserve continues to grow and serve our community, as well as the communities around us, through its unique programs. The future looks bright, with growth and the ability to serve even more people, and offer even more programming, in the future. Darlene shared the exciting news that they recently purchased 9+ acres adjacent to their current location. With that, she says, it “will allow us to expand our campus footprint, including enlarging our Life Enrichment Center, converting a current building to a Community Center, and developing a more detailed plan for Long-term Residential Services.”

Want to Get Involved?

Coventry Reserve is always looking for volunteers. You can learn more about volunteer opportunities here.

You can connect with The Coventry Reserve here:



The Coventry Reserve is located at 2004 Parker Road, St. Paul, Texas, 75098.